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about 2I cannot remember a time growing up when I wasn’t surrounded by veggie and flower gardens, or out riding my pony or horse.  And the things I remember about the flowers brought into our home were their colors, and profusion of scent and texture. Aside from roses, there was almost never single variety arrangement.

I’ve since learned that “style” of flower arranging is called cottage garden bouquets; a bouquet with several hundred years of history, dating back to 16th and 17th century England and perfected in the late 19th century.

about 3Such a profusion of color never failed to bring a smile to my eyes and a sense of well-being to my heart. All was right with my world when I could come in from riding to see a big, bouquet on the hall table!

My grandfather learned gardening at his mother’s knee, (or kneeling, so to speak) and also learned his way around horses very early in life. Of course, in 1895, horses were still the main mode of transportation for most folks.  And while he graduated from Purdue University with a degree in engineering, and made his living as an engineer, he retained his great passion for gardening and his abiding love for horses all is life. He did both well into his retirement years, for which I am eternally grateful.  My grandmother’s great love was arranging them. So, my circle o of learning was complete.

about 4Some of the best memories I have as a small child are of early mornings spent setting the irrigation with granddad for his two acres of garden, or out riding my pony, with him on his horse. It was a time of galloping gladness and love.

My mother learned her gardening skills from grandfather. He had her learn all the Latin names for plants as well! A feat I’ve never succeeded in accomplishing. And of course she was creative in her arrangements, also teaching me the knack of combining varieties. Both my parents were great horse lovers and riders. They supported and encouraged my horse-habit for years.

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So, I guess it was inevitable that I would combine gardening and horses in my life, just as my parents, grandparents & great grandparents did.  Flowers & horses have always been a “together” memory for me.

The cycle of family and history moves forward with Purple Horse Garden.  And it is with particular pleasure that we strive to bring smiles and gladness into your life with our bouquets.

Oh! And why “purple”, you ask? Well, it’s my all-time favorite color. Be assured, I chatted it up with my quarter horse partner before naming the business, as he is definitely NOT purple.  He’s OK with it since it means so much to me. That’s a good partner for you.

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“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” – 

Helen Thompson

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“But flowers feed our soul in a different way. They remind us of a God who creates beautiful things and takes notice of the tiniest detail.”

TRICIA GOYER, A Christmas Gift for Rose