OPEN: MAY–OCT for Bouquets  |  SEP–DEC for Wreaths

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Reserved bouquets may be picked up by appointment at our private garden location: 401 S. Section Street  Burlington, WA

We are open Thursday–Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If for any reason a pickup time is missed, please call to reschedule. Feel free to leave a message, as we may be out back working. Ours is a working garden without a storefront. Thank you!

“Garden as though you will live forever …” 

William Kent

As passionate gardeners (and horse lovers, too) we’re delighted to bring some sunshine into your life with our old-fashioned, cottage garden bouquets.  “Old fashioned” bouquets may contain lilacs, iris, with mint and early sage, or foxglove, astilbe, roses  & daisies – or many other combination of “lovelies”, depending on the time of year.  They are always a riot of color, variety and scent, wrapped for presentation and tied with bows for that special occasion. We also include flower food to extend enjoyment of your bouquet.

All our flowers are cut fresh for your order. We cut what’s in bloom that day, so each bouquet is unique and special. No two bouquets are exactly alike and none contain only a single variety of flower. We firmly believe in that old saying, “…variety is the spice of life”, especially when it comes to flowers.

Sample bouquet sizes and pricing are shown below.  Because our flowers are seasonal (we grow no hothouse flowers) they are subject to our unpredictable Northwest weather.

“Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity”

John Ruskin